Anda Skrējāne

Childhood's Dream

dance performance, 2016

Childhood's Dream is contemporary dance performance based on the basic aspects that form a childhood and the relationship we have with them as adults. Are we capable of integrating childhood principles into our lives or do we cast them away? The work reflects on the question in a research based way, rather than with a sense of nostalgia. The foundations of the work are comprised of the dialogue between the choreographed dance and the original musical score. 

The dance performance won the Latvian Theater Award for Contemporary Dance Achievement of the Year. 

Choreography: Agnese Bordjukova

Music: Edgars Rubenis

Scenography: Anda Skrējāne

Lighting design: Rainers Kornhuberts

Producer: Zane Estere Gruntmane

Technical Support: Kārlis Lapiņš

Space: Cultural centre "Cita Abra", concert hall "Great Amber" /Cīrava, Liepāja, LV

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